Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just thinkin...

About how lucky I am! I am sitting here in my boyfriends hoodie, in his lounge, looking out the window at the bare trees and dark sky. I know this may sound simple but this is what I have always dreamed of. This life!

Last night Jarrod came come from work and we both decided we should have Qdoba for dinner. 4 years ago when I was in Denver I was also a vegetarian and Jarrod used to take me to Qdoba all the time for vege burritos. Oh the sweet sweet taste! I'm no longer vego but they are still as I remember them, incredibly tasty and not to mention HUGE! After diner we went to Hyvee for a few groceries and we hired a scary movie (The new Nightmare on Elm Street) it was pretty lame and I am the biggest wuss when it comes to scary movies, but oh my it was the perfect opportunity to snuggle up to my love. Not that I need an excuse!

Jarrod can't come home for lunch today as the roads are too icy but I have so much to do... Got to wash my hair (for those who know me it takes hours! And as I don't have a hair dryer right now, it takes even longer), maybe do a facial, manicure but before all that happens I have to clean the apartment and try and research how to cook a 12 pound turkey (IF it thaws out in time, it's not really looking promising right now! hahaha).

No rest for the wicked

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