Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's LOVE!

Long time no post...
The days leading up to my flights were really crazy, I worked up until the day before I left. I was a total air head, forgot nearly everything! My mind was totally and utterly preoccupied!
Then along came Saturday...
Woke up early and started to ready myself, I went round in circles over and over and over again, trying to not forget anything!
Dan came and picked me up and we went to the airport, after 30mins or more of waiting to get my bags checked, we had some horrible breakfast and we said our bestie goodbyes!
My short flight to Sydney was interesting, Travie McCoy and Kelis were on my flight with their "entourage". The flight to Sydney was 30mins late, which meant 30mins to arrive in Sydney... hence I MISSED MY FLIGHT TO LA! I could not believe it! 9 people missed the flight and after maximum stress on my part and the airlines, they managed to book us onto a flight to San Fransisco. Running from one end of Sydney International is NOT what I call fun, airline staff at every corner yelling at me to "Run".
Sweaty, rushed and texting my boyfriend to tell him where in world I am headed.

Over 12 hours of flying, airline food, power naps and plenty of music and movies and I arrived San Fran, sleepy. After leaving the plane I rushed straight though customs and baggage claim where I thought my bags had gone missing, rushed to my next gate, called Jarrod, speaking to him for the first time in 4 years from the same country! I realized I may not have enough time from when my flight gets in to Denver to catch my one to Sioux Falls, so I spoke to the airline and they got me on standby for an earlier flight. My heart was pounding just praying that I got on that flight!!!!
Denver was a familiar place, they people, the accent, the smiles! When it was time for my flight to Sioux Falls I was already so nervous, the flight into Denver the pilot tried to land but had to pull back up coz it was too windy and she couldn't land. It was just as windy for my next flight and in a smaller plane, the airline told us that due to icy weather in Sioux Falls they may have to land in Omaha! WTF? I am an hour flight away from my love and now they are telling me that they are sending me in a different direction?!!?! This could not be happening!
After spending the entire Sioux Falls flight in the same tense position with unbelievably clammy hands, the pilot comes on to say that we will be landing in 20mins in Sioux Falls! YESSSSSS!!!!!

Luckily I was one of the first people off the plane, I rushed so quickly to meet him, it was almost like I had been there before, I knew exactly where to go. I ran straight into his arms! Speechless I just hugged him as hard as I could. I am never ever ever letting him go! He is everything I have ever wanted or needed, once we got my bags and got to the car, he had flowers waiting for me!

The last few days have been amazing, so much to say, but I don't want this blog to turn into a wordy, gushing mess! I have been taking photos of the beautiful weather, light snow and everything I can take a pic of!
I never thought I could love someone this much! I miss him so much when he is at work! And when we are together there is not a single moment where we are not touching or holding hands... I let the best thing that has ever happened to me go 4 years ago. I will never ever make that mistake again. This is what real love feels like!


P.S Photos soon, I promise!

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